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WP:COPYREQ#For_images. Later contact User:Howcheng.

European (Spanish -Canarian-), male, 22, Engineer in "Computer Science" (broader than the US one, here in Spain), studying Physics, Christian although not Catholic, if you wish to know my bias. Called Jorge, if you're curious.

I'm a deletionist, so fear me if you are self-promoting and see me by your ad's talk page. This guy has the same reasons as I do for being a deletionist, plus some additional ones, and what is better, he knows how to write them down.

Here's a good POINT: Public Payphones (New York City, 58th St. and Third Avenue). Amen, man.

Kosebamse has written down some thoughts about it, too.

I would emphazise the fact that if we continue including irrelevant / obscure / trivia articles, that is, information instead of knowledge, we wouldn't ultimately be able to browse the pedia anymore without falling at some junk article. The way to proceed will be to PageRank the articles. And then wikipedia will finally be the whole Internet.

Kind of fed off of US-centered bias here. As well as of anti-US bias in Spain in real life. For the former, look at this picture. For the later, look at this fact (2nd paragraph). Seriously, why do you think you can be proud of (or have to be ashamed for) something done by people who lived/lives in the same country where you happened to be born? You have not taken part in it.

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How to: Articles about fiction!! También, aussi, also: User:Shanes/Why tags are evil

I've created Ocean Sea!!! My first WP article =)

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