Ibn-Rushd (crater)

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Ibn-Rushd crater LRO WAC.jpg
LRO WAC mosaic
Coordinates11°42′S 21°42′E / 11.7°S 21.7°E / -11.7; 21.7Coordinates: 11°42′S 21°42′E / 11.7°S 21.7°E / -11.7; 21.7
Diameter33 km
Colongitude339° at sunrise
EponymIbn Rushd

Ibn-Rushd is a lunar impact crater located to the northwest of the larger crater Cyrillus. To the northwest is the crater Kant and to the north is Mons Penck, a mountain promontory. The crater is somewhat eroded with age, and the southern rim is overlain by a pair of smaller craters named Cyrillus B and C. The crater floor is relatively flat, and lacks a central peak. In 1976 the crater was named after Ibn Rushd (Latinized as Averroes),[1] the 12th-century Muslim polymath from the Islamic Spain, whose many scientific accomplishments included analysis of the lunar surface. Prior to that, it was identified as Cyrillus B.


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