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Untitled 1[edit]

What on earth is an "incorporated neighborhood"? Never heard the term used before.

Probably intended to mean that it is a neighborhood within the city limits of San Rafael, as opposed to California Park, a neighborhood adjacent to San Rafael in an unincorporated area, which is generally identified as part of San Rafael for other purposes, such as sharing a mailing address and school district. It does seem like a clumsy construct to me. Perhaps it should be "a neighborhood within the City of San Rafael." --Hjal 06:14, 9 November 2006 (UTC)[]

Untitled 2[edit]

Deleted much of the shopping stuff (chain stores & food courts), undocumented "notable" people, Marin Civic Center (which is in Santa Venetia, if any place). I think that Terra Linda is notable, for a neighborhood, due to the concentration of Eichlers alone. I'll add something about the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District and the "Sewer Band" later. --Hjal 08:27, 9 November 2006 (UTC)[]

I cut the big text block into chapters. As for James Hetfield, I'm dubious about him being a Terra Linda resident - his house is over the ridge from the neighborhood and his driveway goes down to Lucas Valley Road. Tempted to delete.
Overall, the article needs work. I agree that the Eichler houses are notable, they were subject of a well-documented, successful effort to ban the construction of second stories on them on 2003. Jusdafax (talk) 10:49, 6 April 2009 (UTC)[]