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Singles 1–12
Melvins Singles 1-12.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedAugust 26, 1997 (1997-08-26)
GenreSludge metal
LabelAmphetamine Reptile
Melvins chronology
Singles 1–12
Alive at the Fucker Club

Singles 1–12 is a compilation album by Melvins which was released in 1997 through Amphetamine Reptile Records. In 1996, The Melvins had released a 7 inch single each month on Amphetamine Reptile Records, each limited to 800 copies worldwide. This 1997 compilation contains all of these singles.

In January, Melvins played a series of three shows at Club Spaceland. A special handmade digipak edition of album was sold here, limited to 50 copies.

Track listing (disc one)[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic2.5/5 stars[1]

All songs written by The Melvins except where noted. (Song descriptions from CD liner notes)

1."Lexicon Devil" (Recorded 1993. A Germs Cover)Germs1:42
2."Pigtro" (Recorded 1995. A special mix for A&R guy at Atlantic) 3:54
3."In the Rain" (Recorded 1995. The Birth of Brit Pop... shit pop) 1:30
4."Spread Eagle" (Recorded 1993. A special mix for our A&R guy) 4:18
5."Leech" (Recorded live to two track. 1994 in memory of "Bing")Mark Arm, Steve Turner3:09
6."Queen" (Recorded 1994. Special mix for A&R guy) 3:13
7."Way of the World" (A Flipper cover. Recorded on Chinese new year)Flipper3:58
8."Theme" (A Clown Alley cover recorded in Sweden on our first euro tour)Clown Alley3:19
9."It's Shoved" (We think it's live, but it might be a rehearsal/keg party) 3:16
10."Forgotten Principles" (Recorded 1983 with original line up of Matt Lukin and Mike Dillard) 1:09
11."GGIIBBYY" (A bad song we chopped off the Houdini record) 3:09
12."Theresa Screams" (Hands down our all time favorite Melvins song) 4:13

Track listing (disc two)[edit]

All songs written by The Melvins except where noted. (Song descriptions from CD liner notes)

1."Poison" (Our mix of the Wayne Kramer original.)Wayne Kramer3:33
2."Double Troubled" (A weird mish mash recorded ?????) 5:15
3."Specimen" (Recorded for Stag at the last minute) 6:45
4."All at Once" (Nuff said) 3:28
5."Jacksonville" (1994 with L7. Our favorite gig of the tour) 7:36
6."Dallas" (1995 with NIN. Our favorite gig of the tour.) 6:14
7."The Bloat" (Demo for Stag sessions) 3:15
8."Fast Forward" (Buzz & Dale playing with a cassette recorder) 4:03
9."Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings" (Teen age attempts at arena level rock)Frank Beard, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill2:34
10."HDYF" (Recorded in 1996 with IMA of Yoko Ono fame)Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon6:28
11."How-++-Harry Lauders Walking Stick Tree" (A rare blend of 2 classics) 3:29
12."Zodiac" (performed by Brutal Truth) 3:36


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Lori Black – bass (disc 1, tracks 7–8)
  • Matt Lukin – bass (disc 1, track 10)
  • Mike Dillard – drums (disc 1, track 10)
  • Wayne Kramer – guitar, vocals (disc 2, track 1)
  • Sean Lennon (disc 2, track 10)
  • Timo Ellis (disc 2, track 10)
  • Sam Koppelman (disc 2, track 10)
  • Rich Hoak – drums (disc 2, track 12)
  • Dan Lilker – bass (disc 2, track 12)
  • Brent McCarty – guitar (disc 2, track 12)
  • Kevin Sharp – vocals (disc 2, track 12)


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