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== Chess: a way of life ==

by 1 black hand °T°

As coach of this chess club, I strive to help the community through chess. Chess is not just a game; it is a puzzle that challenges the minds of people, young and old. Chess is a motivator, a compelling argument that says “You can succeed—all you have to do is try”. Chess is a life lesson, encouraging foresight, time management, and complex thinking. Chess is an equalizer, bridging differences in age, race, gender, and mental capabilities—no matter who you are, or how you think, all it takes is effort and the will to succeed to excel. Chess is a learning tool, promoting abstract thinking and mathematical calculations, higher order brain functions, recognition of consequences in life, and, above all, how to play fair.

The last is most certainly the most important. In chess, one must go to the board civilly, and leave it the same way. Hate, revenge, war, all of these unfriendly things can be part of a chess game—but only on the board. One simply does not leave the board with glory or in defeat, one shakes their opponents hand and plays their next game, moves on with life. In other sports, because chess is a sport, one would call this good sportsmanship. But in chess, no, we do not have good sportsmanship—we have good sportspeopleship. For everyone is equal, and both men and women, boys and girls can play chess—and be polite about it.

Chess is my contribution to society. Through chess, I teach life. Through chess, I teach how to become a good person. I teach never to give up, never to step down, but instead to reach for the stars, to shoot for the moon, to always try, even if you know you cannot possibly succeed, because you will gain something, learn something, in the trying. And who knows—maybe next time you will accomplish something that will make it all worthwhile.